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All horses you plan on racing at Red Mile must have a charted line in the last thirty days according to the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission and a clean line in forty-five days for the Red Mile conditions. If you have any questions, or if your horse is not qualified, please call the Racing Office at Red Mile. Condition sheets are available at and at

For Red Mile added money events

(Stakes, Early or Late Closers, Futurities, etc):

A charted line with no breaks within in forty-five days of the race with the following time standards:

  • Two-year old Trotters – 2:14
  • Two-year-old Pacers – 2:12
  • Three-year-old Trotters – 2:10
  • Three-year-old Pacers – 2:08

For Red Mile overnight races:

A charted line within thirty days (race to race) that meets the following standards:

  • Pacers – 2:04
  • Trotters – 2:06, with a one second allowance for three-year-old and five eight-mile tracks
  • Two second allowance for two-year-old and half-mile tracks

Two consecutive breaks or a break-off of a qualifier will result in placement on the judge’s list. Breaks in races in which the horse finishes first, second, or third in the official order or races on a track listed other than fast will negate placement on the judge’s list. Any horse making breaks in three consecutive races or two consecutive races off of a qualifying race will be placed on the judge’s list regardless of finish order or track condition.

Drivers are required to wear colors with clean white pants or a professional training suit, along with driving boots and pant clips in qualifying races. Colors, clean white pants, and driving boots with pant clips are required for warming up horses for the race cards. Safety vests are mandatory for warming up and racing.